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A joint product of Moody’s Analytics and Equifax, provides insight into how the U.S. and local economies affect consumer credit behavior and performance through a full spectrum of consumer credit services—data, forecasts, alternative scenarios, analysis, and access to economic and credit analysts.

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Latest Update: Household Credit

The consumer credit market expanded by $77 billion in December, a 0.55% month-to-month change. The consumer credit market is now $14.1 trillion in outstanding debt and is 3.98% higher than it was last year. The year-over-year growth increased from the previous month as strong overall balance growth continues. While delinquency rates increased, charge-off rates did not and the increase in delinquencies is partly explained by seasonality and partially by previous stimulus fading. With the passage of the stimulus bill, elevated levels of delinquencies and defaults do not seem likely.

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